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Mr. Squirrels Guide to the TOR Browser

A Noob Friendly Guide on Downloading, Installing and Setting up the TOR Browser on your Desktop with the best possible security configurations for the Deep Web

Video Tutorial: Setting Up The TOR Browser

What is TOR or the TOR Browser?

The Tor Network is a collection of servers operated by volunteers that are supportive of Tor. These servers are what allow Tor users to surf the deep web safely, and anonymously. Through these volunteer provided servers, Tor visitors are able to use the Tor network. Rather than connecting directly to the networks, users of Tor connect through numerous virtual tunnels making it extremely difficult to trace the users actions to their physical location. While many major news stations choose to focus on only criminal activity that happens via Tor, there are many, much more important uses of connecting to the internet under total anonymity. For example, wikileaks, Edward Snowden, and other journalists have used Tor leak important documents and information while protecting themselves with the anonymity granted from the Tor network. Tor also makes it possible for civilians living under a tyrannical rule to connect to the network without being monitored and access websites blocked by their government.

Tor Browser in Layman’s Terms

In a nut shell Tor keeps websites and other prying eyes, such as authorities, from tracking you and allows access to websites blocked by ISPs and Government who choose to restrict parts of the internet. Tor is also the only safe way to connect to hidden websites located in the dark web containing the .onion domain suffix, such as The Agora Marketplace, as well as other underground websites and online communities.

Ok…So…How do I use the Tor Browser?

For those without out sound or video playing capabilities here is a quick tutorial on how to download, install and configure the Tor browser on your desktop.

Part 1:  Download the Tor Browser

The first thing you will want to do is to download the Tor browser on your desktop computer.  You can also install Tor on a mobile device, but that typically requires root access.  It is also important to note that you should make sure you are downloading and using the most recently updated version of Tor Browser, as well as downloading Tor Browser from a reliable source.   The last thing you want is to be surfing the dark web with an outdated version of Tor that may have security holes, or even worst, a Tort browser that has been infected with Adware/Spyware/Virus/etc.  I suggest only downloading Tor directly from the Tor Project website’s download section which you can find here https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.

Tor Project offers a download for nearly any device, operating system so be sure to download the correct installation file.  Its also important to make sure you have enough space on your computer. Tor is not that big of a file so 200mb should be more than enough.  Tor Browser Tutorial 1 Agora Marketplace


Part 2:  Install the Tor Browser

Once the Tor Browser installation file has completely finished downloading double click or run the file to begin installing Tor on your desktop.  A window should popup asking where you would like to install Tor.  You can choose to install this pretty much anywhere you would like on your computer, or even on a flash drive if you want a portable version of Tor Browser.

Tor Browser Tutorial B Agora Marketplace

Once you have picked a prime choice to install Tor go ahead and click the button labeled “Install”.  The entire installation process of the Tor Browser should only take a few seconds to a couple minutes.  Once Tor browser has completed its installation process go ahead and click the button labeled “Finish”.

A New window should pop up giving you the option to begin Tor right away, and the options to create a shortcut in the start menu and on your desktop.


Part 3:  Start the Tor Browser

Now that the installation is finished we can finally run the Tor Browser if you have yet to do so.   You have a couple options to begin Tor.  You can run the Tor icon located on your desktop or start menu if you chose to create one, and if not you can go directly to the installation folder (Your desktop by default) and run Tor from there by double clicking the Tor icon.

After a few seconds to a minute a window will pop up asking if you would like to run Tor as is, or if you would like to configure a bridged connection.  We can forget about the bridged connection for now as that will only affect those working behind a proxy.  We may make a tutorial for that in the future, but for now just select the first (top) option.
Tor Brows Tutorial D Agora Marketplace


Now the Tor Browser will begin connection to the network.  This may take a few minutes, it all depends on your internet connection speed, as well as some factors on Tor’s end.

Soon, after a minute or so the Tor Browser will open.  At the top you should be prompted with a message that asks if you would like to configure your security settings for additional anonymity.  By default it’s set at the lowest security settings, but this is absolutely fine.  Choosing stronger security configurations does have a trade off, for the most part many websites may not display correctly or at all.  Like I said, the default settings are absolutely fine.

Now you begin your adventure into the Deep Web where you can access hidden websites such as those hosted on .onion domains.  I suggest finding a Tor Link Directory to find some of .onion websites to explore.  However, if you are strictly looking to find the Agora Marketplace you will need an invite link, or referral url to register and access the Agora Marketplace.  You can use this Agora Marketplace Referral URL below.  Simply copy and paste it into the TOR browser address bar and sign up for an account.



There are also additional safety measures you may want to research to ensure better overall security and privacy.  One of these measures is using a VPN, and for a VPN I suggest CyberGhost.  CyberGhost is reliable, free, the option of cheap premium service and they have a history of not cooperating with authorities who request their clients information.   If you have any additional questions or comments please feel free to comment below and we will do our best to respond quickly.   Thank You and Remember to Stay Safe!