Scammers Stealing Bitcoins of Agora Marketplace Users

Agora Market Scammer

Agora Marketplace Scammers stealing Bitcoins via Fake websites and Malicious Code. Users Beware of these Script Kiddies.

Rumors have been confirmed that there are indeed Dark Web Scammers building malicious sites, such as phishing pages that are designed to look like the popular dark web marketplace, the Agora Marketplace.

This was recently confirmed by Vice’s tech news branch, Motherboard, who set up a testing account on one of the Agora Marketplace clones, deliberately visiting one of the popular marketplaces malicious clones. Once the potential vendor or buyer registers on the fake site it then asks the user to enable Javascript with a popup message welcoming the visitor to the apparent marketplace Sydneed”. The sites even use an inviting button saying I’m human!”, similar to the ReCaptcha setup used on numerous popular websites beyond the deep web.

This scam is designed to take advantage of one of the weak elements of online security: the person using the computer, the human visitor. Bringing in new users by the truckload with the promise of an open marketplace behind their gates, people are misled into registering for an account on these malicious websites. Technically this wouldnt be considered much of an exploit, as it fools the user themselves rather than the technology used to access the website or Dark Web.

While most fake websites are fairly easy to identify due to poor site structure or other red flags, at least for the somewhat tech-savvy user, this is not always the case with these Marketplace clones. The member of the Vice Motherboard team who launched his investigation reported that tons of Agora tabs opened up. A Reddit user continued, explaining that these pages try to drain bitcoins from your Agora Wallet.

When there is a place where money or bitcoins are changing hands via the internet you can bet there will always be scammers lurking around the corner. This isn’t limited to the Dark Web or Deep Web as some fiat adoring sites may shout from the roofs, but a fact in terms of all websites be it fiat orbit, dark web or the basic internet. Many people who are on the dark web drugs and weapons marketplace Agora are being pointed to a site that deploys malicious code programmed with the task emptying wallets of the digital currency.

One Reddit user posted “Got a message from user brands on Agora about a new market. It doesn’t say the name or anything but the guy says he’s an old seller and started his own market.”

More Reddit users spoke up about the issue, one mentioned they felt it was the work of an amateur hacker or script kiddy. “It’s a damn basic way of doing things,” he said. “Some of the code, which was captured by, appears to be copy-pasted from open source code site GitHub. The message then provides a link for users to visit this alleged new marketplace, which promises 24h technical support” and cheaper prices for products.

“People like you are idiots. Sorry, it has to be said,” wrote another Reddit about those falling victim to these dark web scams. Seeing that those accessing the dark web for “nefarious” reasons, one may agree since it should be noted that users should brush up on their basic tech knowledge on security protocol.