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Hackers Release Additional 20GB of Popular Dating Website

Ashley Madison Hack

Hackers Release 20GB of Popular Dating Site Member’s Private Information

If you have used the popular dating website Ashley Madison, then there is a very good chance all of your personal, sexual secrets are available online for the world to paw through. Moments ago, Impact Team, a hacker group protesting the unethical business tactics of the Extramarital Cheater Website. Days ago a 10GB trove of Ashley Madison private documents and customer information turned up on the hidden internet, more widely known as the Darknet. Just now reports claim another 20GB collection of new information also popped up on the Darknet. This newly released 20GB archive appears to include company emails and internal documents. Over the past few days, people have been digging through 10GB of data apparently sourced from the extramarital dating site Ashley Madison, and its parent site Avid Life Media.

The Ashley Madison hack will be really bad for a lot of people as this new leak from the cheater’s online paradise allegedly reveals the names, addresses and sexual fetishes of more than 30 million Ashley Madison members. Ashley Madison has come out and stated that they don’t verify email addresses. If there is additional user data in the new leaked data archive than the Ashley Madison Search Engines need updating.

The leak of customer data from the from the pro cheater’s website, Ashley Madison, has been a nightmare for a lot of people. One month after infiltrating affair website Ashley Madison, a bunch of hackers allegedly posted the stolen buyer data online. Their threats initially fell on deaf ears until the other day when Impact Team followed through with their threats, releasing a massive chunk of the Ashley Madison cheater database data the other day, and everyone seems to be reacting. Just wait until the nude photos start turning up on the Dark Web.

Some are claiming the hack attack has something personal to it. The hacker group has criticized the Ashley Madison to support infidelity, but there could be also personal reasons for the attack. Either way, the Impact team is holding for ransom company bank account details, employee salaries, and customer records; it is threatening to launch the total information unless Ashley Madison and its sister sites are shut down.

Why Fake Email Accounts Mean Nothing in the Ashley Madison Hack

Even if Ashley Madison didn’t verify email address it doesn’t mean everyone or even most went the route of using a dummy email account. It also certainly does not mean the other personal information such as phone numbers, names and addresses can’t be used to identify members. With the Ashley Madison affair website’s data out in the open, news has just come to light that some Australian Government officials and employees have been using their email address’ for more than just business meetings and proposals.

The Impact Team hackers gained access to data on the site’s 36 million users, most of whom would never want to see their names publicly connected to Ashley Madison. Unfortunately for them, their worst nightmare has come to fruition. If the Ashley Madison hack consisted of a mere email dump showing the corruption of government employees, society based on the anonymous sites would probably be a tad different.

If you have been caught up in the Ashley Madison hack? I would instantly cancel my bank or credit card, and distance myself from any of my online accounts that could be traced to the affair website..

Ever seen Ashley Madison in your homes browser history or have suspicions that your significant other has been cheating on you? Well, there is a good possibility that you will get your chance to learn the truth.

One way or another, in my opinion, this is the beginning of the end to the worlds largest corporation to profit off broken homes. This should serve as a clear warning about how important it is to keep your anonymity in check, even on popular dating websites.

The Agora Marketplace URL

Agora Marketplace URL

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The Agora Marketplace URL

So you’ve heard about a magical place that exists somewhere in the plains of the interwebs that revolves around anonymity, encryption and other “various” activities and immediately needed to learn more.  You jump on the computer, fire up TOR and navigate your way to a place called the Agora Marketplace and click register without hesitation.  Ut-Ohz, you are greeted with a registration page sporting a red bar across the top of the page informing you that registration is invite only.

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Agora Marketplace URL Invite Link Not Working?


So you entered our Agora Marketplace Referral URL into your TOR Browser and were greeted with this message “Error: Cannot register at this time, user limit reached. Please wait until the full release”.  Do not panic, our Agora Marketplace Referral Link is working, but unfortunately, they are overbooked with new members or have closed registrations for the time being.  This happens and is only temporary.  The registration closure only happens for a few days at a time, so just keep checking back with our Agora Market Referral Link and eventually it will open back up.  We try to keep our homepage updated with information on whether or not the registration is closed or open, so you can always visit us to find out instead of firing up TOR every few hours.  

If you are still overcome with excitement on investigating the dark underbelly of TOR we do have a list of other Dark Web Marketplaces you can browse while you wait on Agora Marketplace to open their registration again.  Many of the more popular Dark Web Marketplaces on TOR also require an invitation referral link.  You can find these, along with a list of the various marketplaces at our TOR Dark Web Marketplace Directory.

Vendors on a Popular Dark Web Marketplace Claim to have been Hacked


As we speak the Nucleus forums are quickly being filled with vendors claiming to have been targeted in the hack, stating they are being robbed of funds and locked out of their accounts, pleading that shopped cease from placing orders for them on Nucleus while the

Has Nucleus, one of the most popular Darknet Marketplaces been hacked? Reports have been coming in from several large vendors on Nucleus claiming that their accounts have been compromised. Allegedly the vendors are getting locked out of their accounts and bitcoins are vanishing from their Nucleus wallets.

As we speak the Nucleus forums are quickly being filled with vendors claiming to have been targeted in the hack, stating they are being robbed of funds and locked out of their accounts, pleading that shopped cease from placing orders for them on Nucleus while the issues get sorted out.

So has Nucleus been hacked or are these vendors attempting a cunning exit scam as seen by many in the past? Most likely the first, as many of the vendors are extremely popular and known for keeping a “clean” and trustworthy reputation with their customer base. It’s doubtful that any of these larger vendors would tarnish their reputation and ruin their long-term sales over a couple measly bitcoins.

One of the larger vendors on Nucleus, HonestCocaine, was among the growing number of vendors claiming to be targeted in this concerning matter. He posted the following message in the support section of Nucleus’s forum “A very strong password, bookmark, [two-factor authentication], and PIN were used. Privacy setting set very high with JavaScript disabled. No phishing link. The account balance has just been withdrawn from my nucleus wallet twice. Either the site is compromised or exit scamming.”

This may very well be a possibility as those who have been following the trend of the Dark Webs Marketplaces remember a few major markets exit scamming in the past…including Sheep Marketplace and Evolution. Exit Scamming is when a market closes its doors and steals all the funds in their escrow service as well as draining the wallets of their vendors and users.

Just recently a separate thread has been opened in the forum, claiming to be the owner of the wallet in which the vendor’s stolen bitcoins have been traced. The alleged hacker is now requesting a large bounty of bitcoins in exchange for fixing the website’s security holes.

Whether the poster is actually behind the compromised vendor accounts, or just some lowlife trying to score free bitcoins through a selfish lie has yet to be determined. Many users are holding on to the possibility of Nucleus admins pulling an exit scam, but so far there has been little evidence to back that claim. For the time being, it might be wise to look at other shopping alternatives while we wait for a definitive answer from the Nucleus Admin team.

Agora Marketplace will Stop Selling Guns

Agora Market Stops Selling Guns

“Law enforcement bodies around the world, including the NCA, continue working to prevent and disrupt serious cyber-enabled criminality” The admin made in his statement, making note that customers engaging in firearm transactions are often victims of scammers and vendors involved vanish with the customer’s bitcoin without bothering to deliver the

As the fiat pushing media loves to boast about the dark web being a nefarious underground for the transactions of illegal firearms they will soon be unable to include the Agora Marketplace in their demonizing of the popular open markets. Admin of the Agora Marketplace has recently announced they will be dropping firearms from their website, forcing users with their list of weapons to other corners of the dark web. Another marketplace, for example, has over 100 listings of guns and explosives. Of course, these sites could very well be scams, unlike the Agora Marketplace who has a reputation for providing secure and safe transactions via their self-hosted escrow system.

Recently there has been a drastic increase in the number of undercover operations by LEA surrounding the sale of firearms. This includes a 6-month task force investigation that included agencies from the United States and Australia, which lead to the arrest of a popular Agora Gun Vendor, as well as dozens of buyers and other vendors across the internet. Needless to say, the FBI is remaining silent on Agora’s recent decision. The UK’s NCA stated “Those seeking to provide or obtain illicit goods and services under cover of the dark web continue to discover that they can, in fact, be tracked and identified, and also that they are highly susceptible to being ripped off”

These days it’s common knowledge that the Dark Web is notorious for making it possible to purchase nearly anything. With one of Agora Marketplace’s most popular categories disappearing from the storefront, this no longer applies to their market. Agora is now, by far, the raining king of the dark web marketplace, holding the most transactions, vendors, and users of any dark web marketplace in history, and most likely will remain so even without the firearm listings. But don’t hold your breath if you are expecting the fiat promoting media to mention this or back down screaming about Agora’s dangers and evil doing.

Just weeks ago a US resident who was only in his early 20’s was recently apprehended for arms dealing after forgetting to clean the firearm of his fingerprints prior to shipping the order. It is very possible Agora is removing these listings to further protect their vendors and shoppers from apprehension, as well as cleaning up their reputation. The Agora admins announced “Following our mission we wish such objects would be available for purchase, but the current reality of it is that the format of a market like our does not constitute a good way to do it,” the announcement claimed. “Shipping weapons is hard, they are expensive”.

“Law enforcement bodies around the world, including the NCA, continue working to prevent and disrupt serious cyber-enabled criminality” The admin made in his statement, making note that customers engaging in firearm transactions are often victims of scammers and vendors involved vanish with the customer’s bitcoin without bothering to deliver the weapons. Though this issue is more tied to buyers making the conscious decision to FE or releasing funds prior to receiving the product, something the Agora Marketplace warns against doing.

Regardless of the reasoning behind this change of heart, Agora Marketplace plans on sticking to their decision which will be immediately implemented as of July 15th, 2015.

Scammers Stealing Bitcoins of Agora Marketplace Users

Agora Market Scammer

Agora Marketplace Scammers stealing Bitcoins via Fake websites and Malicious Code. Users Beware of these Script Kiddies.

Rumors have been confirmed that there are indeed Dark Web Scammers building malicious sites, such as phishing pages that are designed to look like the popular dark web marketplace, the Agora Marketplace.

This was recently confirmed by Vice’s tech news branch, Motherboard, who set up a testing account on one of the Agora Marketplace clones, deliberately visiting one of the popular marketplaces malicious clones. Once the potential vendor or buyer registers on the fake site it then asks the user to enable Javascript with a popup message welcoming the visitor to the apparent marketplace Sydneed”. The sites even use an inviting button saying I’m human!”, similar to the ReCaptcha setup used on numerous popular websites beyond the deep web.

This scam is designed to take advantage of one of the weak elements of online security: the person using the computer, the human visitor. Bringing in new users by the truckload with the promise of an open marketplace behind their gates, people are misled into registering for an account on these malicious websites. Technically this wouldnt be considered much of an exploit, as it fools the user themselves rather than the technology used to access the website or Dark Web.

While most fake websites are fairly easy to identify due to poor site structure or other red flags, at least for the somewhat tech-savvy user, this is not always the case with these Marketplace clones. The member of the Vice Motherboard team who launched his investigation reported that tons of Agora tabs opened up. A Reddit user continued, explaining that these pages try to drain bitcoins from your Agora Wallet.

When there is a place where money or bitcoins are changing hands via the internet you can bet there will always be scammers lurking around the corner. This isn’t limited to the Dark Web or Deep Web as some fiat adoring sites may shout from the roofs, but a fact in terms of all websites be it fiat orbit, dark web or the basic internet. Many people who are on the dark web drugs and weapons marketplace Agora are being pointed to a site that deploys malicious code programmed with the task emptying wallets of the digital currency.

One Reddit user posted “Got a message from user brands on Agora about a new market. It doesn’t say the name or anything but the guy says he’s an old seller and started his own market.”

More Reddit users spoke up about the issue, one mentioned they felt it was the work of an amateur hacker or script kiddy. “It’s a damn basic way of doing things,” he said. “Some of the code, which was captured by, appears to be copy-pasted from open source code site GitHub. The message then provides a link for users to visit this alleged new marketplace, which promises 24h technical support” and cheaper prices for products.

“People like you are idiots. Sorry, it has to be said,” wrote another Reddit about those falling victim to these dark web scams. Seeing that those accessing the dark web for “nefarious” reasons, one may agree since it should be noted that users should brush up on their basic tech knowledge on security protocol.

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