Hackers Release Additional 20GB of Popular Dating Website

Ashley Madison Hack

Hackers Release 20GB of Popular Dating Site Member’s Private Information

If you have used the popular dating website Ashley Madison, then there is a very good chance all of your personal, sexual secrets are available online for the world to paw through. Moments ago, Impact Team, a hacker group protesting the unethical business tactics of the Extramarital Cheater Website. Days ago a 10GB trove of Ashley Madison private documents and customer information turned up on the hidden internet, more widely known as the Darknet. Just now reports claim another 20GB collection of new information also popped up on the Darknet. This newly released 20GB archive appears to include company emails and internal documents. Over the past few days, people have been digging through 10GB of data apparently sourced from the extramarital dating site Ashley Madison, and its parent site Avid Life Media.

The Ashley Madison hack will be really bad for a lot of people as this new leak from the cheater’s online paradise allegedly reveals the names, addresses and sexual fetishes of more than 30 million Ashley Madison members. Ashley Madison has come out and stated that they don’t verify email addresses. If there is additional user data in the new leaked data archive than the Ashley Madison Search Engines need updating.

The leak of customer data from the from the pro cheater’s website, Ashley Madison, has been a nightmare for a lot of people. One month after infiltrating affair website Ashley Madison, a bunch of hackers allegedly posted the stolen buyer data online. Their threats initially fell on deaf ears until the other day when Impact Team followed through with their threats, releasing a massive chunk of the Ashley Madison cheater database data the other day, and everyone seems to be reacting. Just wait until the nude photos start turning up on the Dark Web.

Some are claiming the hack attack has something personal to it. The hacker group has criticized the Ashley Madison to support infidelity, but there could be also personal reasons for the attack. Either way, the Impact team is holding for ransom company bank account details, employee salaries, and customer records; it is threatening to launch the total information unless Ashley Madison and its sister sites are shut down.

Why Fake Email Accounts Mean Nothing in the Ashley Madison Hack

Even if Ashley Madison didn’t verify email address it doesn’t mean everyone or even most went the route of using a dummy email account. It also certainly does not mean the other personal information such as phone numbers, names and addresses can’t be used to identify members. With the Ashley Madison affair website’s data out in the open, news has just come to light that some Australian Government officials and employees have been using their email address’ for more than just business meetings and proposals.

The Impact Team hackers gained access to data on the site’s 36 million users, most of whom would never want to see their names publicly connected to Ashley Madison. Unfortunately for them, their worst nightmare has come to fruition. If the Ashley Madison hack consisted of a mere email dump showing the corruption of government employees, society based on the anonymous sites would probably be a tad different.

If you have been caught up in the Ashley Madison hack? I would instantly cancel my bank or credit card, and distance myself from any of my online accounts that could be traced to the affair website..

Ever seen Ashley Madison in your homes browser history or have suspicions that your significant other has been cheating on you? Well, there is a good possibility that you will get your chance to learn the truth.

One way or another, in my opinion, this is the beginning of the end to the worlds largest corporation to profit off broken homes. This should serve as a clear warning about how important it is to keep your anonymity in check, even on popular dating websites.