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Everything you Wanted to Know about the Abraxas Darknet Market

Number of Listings
16,817 Product Listings

Marketplace URL  http://abraxasdegupusel.onion/register/0nNG7P5PyI

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Invite Only, Escrow Service, Popular Agora Substitute.

Abraxas Market | Overview

The Abraxas Market has been one of the largest Darknet Marketplaces in operation over the last couple of years, second only to The Agora Marketplace over the last 6 months.  Recently with the Agora Market announcing a temporary leave due to security concerns, the majority of Agora’s Customers and Vendors have been relocating to Abraxas Market.   While there are several great darknet markets, as of late August 2015 Abraxas has been one of the fastest growing darknet markets with an average daily growth of 700 listings per day.  It is still unclear however, if Abraxas will remain the largest after Agora comes back online in the next few months.

Abraxas Market Pictures, Rules and Listing Information

Abraxas Marketplace Listings

  • Drugs – 10,378 Listings
  • Digital Goods – 5,218 Listings
  • Other – 575 Listings
  • Drug Paraphernalia – 381 Listings
  • Services – 265 Listings

Abraxas Market Rules and Policies

Abraxas is anonymous market where vendors can sell their goods and services for buyers. Please respect the anonymity of other users in the highest possible extent.

Abraxas is also friendly place and any attempt to spam/pressure/blackmail will not be tolerated.

Spammers/scammers may get locked/banned and their funds will be used to decrease the damage done.

PGP in communication is strongly recommended and whenever you’re transmiting sensitive data (address, tracking number, etc) not encrypted, you are asking for information leak.

For 2 Factor authentification (2FA), enter your PGP Public key and an link to enable will appear.

Abraxas does not performs any action automatically. You have to cancel/finalize/wipe orders/messages manually.

Remember, no Abraxas staff will ever request any of identity/password/etc from you.

Don’t hesitate to contact Support staff, we will try to resolve as soon as possible.
Prohibited products and services

Assasinations or any other services which constitute doing harm to another.
Including any audio / visual records containing violence, child pornography, live action snuff, and other materials with the associated content.
Poisons or weapons of mass destruction (nuclear,chemical,biological etc).

Fees / Referral program

The transaction fee is 4%.
The fee is taken from the amount which is received by the vendor.
The buyer always pays the actual amount that is displayed for every product.
The vendor receives that amount minus the fee.
Referrals are paid out daily, from fee of finalized orders, 20% for vendor ref, 10% for buyer ref.
Referral link is on profile page.

How to become a vendor

You have no previous purchase on this account , your account will serve only for sale.
You have to insert vendor bond. See Your wallet.
You have to click on button become vendor.
We strongly advice to use PGP and add Public PGP Key to your Profile
If you want to join as vendor without paying vendor bond, send us an PGP signed message with your url from agora market or grams profile.

Practical advices for vendors

If you accept that customers go through the escrow system for buying your products, add No-Fe flag to your products, which will usually put your products higher up in listing.
Load your listings into the correct category, choose ship from country – it is usefull when you send your goods for customers which prefer home seller.
For custom orders use category “hidden” which is not visible to other users and only those which received the direct link from you will be able to see.

Cancel vendor account

All your transaction must be closed.
You have to be 14 days on vacation mode before you can cancel your vendor account.
Vendor bond will be credited on your account within 24 hours after “canceled vendor account”.